** As with my projects, this page is preserved for posterity as it was when I got my job **

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I love to play games for all kinds of reasons, from the satisfaction of honing skill in a first person shooter, to the immersive fantasy that an RPG provides. Almost more than that, I like to analyse why the games I love work like they do, and what kind of algorithms are going on behind the scenes. It’s that curiosity that has led me to take my flair for programming and develop it into a real skill, so that I can land that dream job in games development. I have some background in computer science, including courses and internships, but this blog documents my personal projects in programming and game design.

I hope to bring problem solving, teamwork and user focused design expertise from my Engineering degree background, and I like to get stuck in to problems that involve balancing client needs with practical considerations.

My other interests include languages, especially Korean which I have learnt through a combination of self study and courses at Korea University in Seoul and now speak to an intermediate to advanced standard. I also enjoy artistic hobbies such as painting, embroidery and cosplay.